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Analysis on the Surrounding Environment of Urban Domestic Refuse Incinerator in Rural Areas


As the number of our population continues to increase, the number of domestic waste also will become more and more, which has a great impact on the living environment. The use of domestic waste incinerator is not so popular, so today, Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. for everyone to analyze the current environment and the use of living garbage incinerator after the environmental analysis.

Environmental Impact Problems and Causes: Leachate Pollution and Cause. Landfill leachate improper disposal, seepage control measures are not in place is the main cause of water pollution. China's landfill leachate generally has a complex water quality components, high metal content, high ammonia nitrogen content and microbial nutrients imbalance and other characteristics, once the pollution to groundwater or surface water, will be extremely difficult to restore. Especially the leachate on the landfill around the groundwater pollution, in recent years has aroused great concern. Landfill leachate production is mainly in its operation, with the local climate, hydrology, landfill technology, and garbage composition and other related, is the landfill construction project one of the main environmental impact.

Air pollution and causes. Landfill landfill in the garbage transport, landfill process and the closure will produce H2S, NH3, mercaptan and N-methyl methylamine-based odor of gas, and the release of the odor of the gas with the changes in the composition of the garbage And different from the local air environment and public health cause a certain harm. At the same time, over time. Landfill in the closure process and the closure of the internal garbage after a complex anaerobic reaction, if not a reasonable guide, there may be hidden hidden danger.

Ecological impact and causes. The destruction of ecology in landfill construction projects exists throughout its life cycle. During the construction period, the landfill in the course of operation and the landfill after closure will cause certain soil erosion and adversely affect the ecological environment. At the same time, the construction of landfill occupies a large amount of land, causing damage to the original vegetation, changing the function of the original land, and even causing the destruction of the surrounding geological environment due to the landfill operation, which may lead to landslides, debris flow and other geological disasters occur.

Measures to strengthen the selection of the selection program. First of all, should strengthen the landfill site selection program comparison, from the local planning, meteorological conditions, regional overview, especially the hydrogeological conditions and other aspects of the rationale for the selection of the program. Good hydrogeological conditions are the primary prerequisites for landfill site selection. At the same time, the site must meet local planning and take into account the effects of wind conditions, rainfall and other climatic conditions.

Strengthen the anti-seepage treatment. Many of our landfills are mixed landfill, all kinds of garbage are not classified, all stacked together, and most of the landfill seepage layer is only a layer of structure. Landfill site using high-density polyethylene geomembrane, impervious layer of artificial anti-seepage treatment, seepage effect is obvious and practical. But in the material transportation, construction and landfill process to pay special attention to the protection of high-density polyethylene geomembrane, to avoid the emergence of pores and cracks, to ensure anti-seepage effect.

Garbage of the resource utilization. The implementation of garbage recycling, as far as possible to ensure that the garbage can be used effectively. In the case of resource shortages, increasing pressure, should be gradually realized the use of garbage, and to re-enter the circulatory system. In short, to achieve the use of garbage resources, both to reduce the pressure on China's landfill disposal system, but also the establishment of recycling-oriented society in the future direction of the development of waste disposal.

In the urban landfill on the environmental impact, the need for special attention to site selection, seepage control measures, leachate treatment program and environmental risk prevention and other issues. Site planning to consider the planning, the surrounding environment, distance, topography, transportation and casing sources. Whether the seepage control measures and the leachate treatment method are reasonably feasible is the key to whether the leachate adversely affects the surrounding surface water and groundwater. Only after taking a little pollution control measures, the environmental pollution caused by the landfill can be effectively controlled, and the impact on the surrounding environmental quality can be controlled to a certain extent.

In the face of increasingly harsh living conditions, we must not be helpless, which will be our future quality of life will be greatly reduced, the use of rural waste incinerator will weaken the situation. But we can not always rely on external forces to protect the environment, but also from their own start.



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