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Harm and Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste


Although the problem of urban domestic waste disposal is currently more serious problem, but in the country continue to focus on and support the situation, the situation will be improved, the establishment of municipal solid waste incinerator can be a good solution to this problem, although not cure, But also a good control of the amount of garbage, so as to the rural residents living environment has brought great improvement.

The disposal of rural garbage, both affect the village capacity village appearance, and easy to breed mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc., spread the bacteria, endangering the health of the villagers. Garbage can also produce unpleasant smell.

Rainy day garbage was rushed into the ditch, the river, will pollute the living water. Casually discarded waste batteries, plastic bags, etc., but also to the environment and human health to bring potential, long-term hazards.

Therefore, rural residents should pay attention to the proper recycling and disposal of domestic waste.

The disposable methods of rural domestic waste include:

1. Garbage classification and recycling: newspapers, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, cans and other sorting, can be recycled.

2. Centralized treatment: the use of "village collection, rural transport, county centralized treatment," the garbage collection and processing mode, each village built garbage collection box, township built garbage transfer station, and then transported to the county garbage disposal center centralized treatment.

3. Construction of composting field: composting treatment is the kitchen, peel and other living garbage piled up, insulation to 70 ℃ storage and fermentation, with the ability of decomposition of microorganisms in waste, the organic decomposition of inorganic nutrients. After composting, the household waste becomes hygienic, tasteless humus.

4. Landfill: Brick and ceramic, dregs, etc. to take sanitary landfill measures, can reduce the groundwater, surface water, soil and air pollution.

5. Build small incinerators: This approach is less costly to run. It should be noted that some hazardous waste is subject to special safety handling. Can not be directly burned, so as not to cause air pollution.

This waste incinerator can be all kinds of domestic waste, including plastic film, livestock and poultry manure and other incineration, can achieve the garbage "no village". The incinerator with Germany's high-tech environmentally friendly smoke-free furnace technology, with environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and other characteristics, the furnace temperature of up to 800-1000 degrees per hour can burn about 1 ton of garbage, through sustainable oxygen-rich smoke , The garbage at high temperature burning carbonation, in order to achieve garbage harmless treatment. The incinerator small size, only 50 kg, a single person can operate, suitable for administrative village garbage disposal, especially waste incineration full, smoke-free odor, very popular with farmers friends welcome.



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