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Summarize the process of flue gas treatment in rural solid waste incinerator


China has a large number of domestic waste incinerator listing, which has gradually seen garbage incinerator in the hearts of the masses have been aware of. Of course, close to the garbage incinerator to solve a large number of garbage problems in China is unrealistic, the most important thing is to start from their own, here we say that some of the working principle of garbage incinerator!

Domestic waste incinerator first let the furnace temperature gradually increased to 850 ℃ to 1200 ℃, the use of oxygen control to control the furnace speed, and then use the furnace heat cycle, through the high temperature baking to achieve the effect of cracking furnace garbage, and finally use Armor Rui flue gas purification treatment standards discharge.

First, the garbage pyrolysis process

1, garbage into the field 2, mechanical sorting 3, artificial selection 4, artificial feeding 5, pyrolysis garbage 6, ash removal

Second, the flue gas treatment process: the introduction of flue gas from the duct into the quenching device to destroy dioxin generated; sprayed in addition to dust particles; desulfurization for acid-base balance; cleaning and disinfection; in addition to tar; armor wash flue gas to clean the flue gas Disinfection; armor professional in addition to dioxin; harmful substances through the pipeline into the fine filter system, purifier flue gas condensing system; high voltage electric field and ozone sterilization system; dry adsorber; activated carbon, activated aluminum adsorption system and other modern purification system, the smoke Gas is discharged through the chimney. Inspection by the test center, flue gas to meet emission standards.



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