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Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Domestic Waste Incinerators


China is currently a major producer of waste, of course, this is no way to do things, China's population, but also with the continuous development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, garbage disposal problems also will be grim. The following Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce several advantages and disadvantages of domestic waste incinerator, and understand its operating principle.

Mechanical grate incinerator

Working principle: Garbage through the hopper into the inclined downward grate (grate is divided into dry area, burning area, burning area), due to the staggered movement between the grate, the garbage to the bottom of the push, so that garbage in turn Each area on the grate (where the garbage comes from one area to another, it acts as a big turn) until it burns out of the furnace. The combustion air enters from the lower part of the grate and is mixed with the garbage. The high temperature flue gas generates hot steam through the heating surface of the boiler, and the flue gas is cooled, and finally the flue gas is discharged by the flue gas treatment device.

Fluidized bed incinerator

Working principle: the furnace is composed of porous distribution board, in the furnace by adding a lot of quartz sand, the quartz sand heated to 600 ℃ above, and in the bottom of the drum into the hot air above 200 ℃, so hot sand boiling up, and then put into Rubbish. Garbage with hot sand boiling, garbage quickly dry, fire, burning. The proportion of unburned garbage lighter, continue to boil burning, burned the proportion of garbage larger, fell to the bottom, after water cooling, with the sorting equipment will be coarse slag, slag sent to the factory, a small amount of medium slag and The quartz sand is returned to the furnace by lifting the equipment.

Rotary incinerator

How it works: Rotary incinerators are arranged in a cooling pipe or refractory along the furnace body, and the furnace is placed horizontally and slightly tilted. Through the furnace body of the non-stop operation, so that the furnace body of the full combustion of garbage, while tilting the direction of the furnace to move until the burn out and discharged from the furnace.

CAO Incinerator

How it works: Garbage to the storage pit, into the biochemical treatment tank, dehydration under the action of microorganisms, so that natural organic matter (kitchen, leaves, grass, etc.) into powder, other solids, including plastic and other synthetic organic matter and garbage In the inorganic matter can not break down the powder. The filtered, unburned waste enters the incinerator and enters the first combustion chamber (at a temperature of 600 ° C). The resulting combustible gas enters the second combustion chamber and the noncombustible and non-pyrolyable components are ash Is discharged in the first combustion chamber. The second room temperature control at 860 ℃ for combustion, high temperature flue gas heating boiler steam. Flue gas after treatment by the chimney to the atmosphere, the metal glass in the first combustion chamber will not be oxidized or melted, can be sorted in the ash recovery.

Pulsed cast grate incinerator

How it works: The garbage is sent to the drying bed of the incinerator by the automatic feeding unit, and then sent into the first stage grate, which is volatilized at high temperature by the high temperature volatilization and cracking. The grate is driven by the pulsating aerodynamic device, The waste will be thrown into the next stage of the grate, when the polymer material cracking, other substances to burn. So go on until the last burned into the ash pit, discharged by the automatic cleaning device. The combustion air is injected from the pores on the grate and mixed with the garbage, while the waste is suspended in the air. Volatile and cracked material into the second stage of the combustion chamber, for further cracking and combustion, unburned flue gas into the third stage combustion chamber for complete combustion; high temperature flue gas through the boiler heating surface heating steam, while the flue gas Cooled and discharged.



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