Automatic Hydraulic Baler

  Automatic hydraulic baler is mainly to deal with the waste plastic packaging, for the next step in storage and pollution-free treatment to lay the foundation. The equipment mainly consists of frame, cylinder, oil pump, hydraulic valve, motor and other components, the use of PLC automatic control, simple operation, easy maintenance, high degree of automation, with pressure, continuous production, high efficiency.

  Automatic hydraulic baler main feature:

  1. The cylinder is fixed to the frame in the form of a flange installation;

  2. The pump uses the vane pump as the power source, its small size, high efficiency, long service life easy maintenance;

  3. Equipped with electro-hydraulic valve, relief valve and other components of the oil system to prevent the system overload function, the valve action sensitive, reliable;

  4. The machine noise is small, no pollution, safety and environmental protection, covers an area of ??small, easy to operate;

  Automatic hydraulic baler

  Key technology: continuous feeding production, automatic wear silk, tied bundle, the machine uses PLC automatic control.

  The machine adopts the horizontal structure, the dried plastic, the rubber is conveyed by the conveyor in the fully automatic hydraulic packing machine, the cylinder is fixed on the frame with the flange, the vane pump is used as the power source, The valve under the control of directional flow through the pipe into the hydraulic cylinder without rod cavity or rod cavity, to promote the piston to drive the row of reciprocating movement, so as to achieve the purpose of cycle compression, repeated several times until the required length Tune) automatically wear silk, bundles, will be compressed to lay the bag in order to launch the box.

  Hydraulic valve type with electro-hydraulic valve, relief valve, with the system to prevent overload function, the valve action sensitive, reliable. Compact and reasonable structure, nice, smooth operation, to achieve continuous production process control, automated operation, reduce the labor intensity, the effect is ideal.


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