Rubber tire pyrolysis

  The use of "micro-negative pressure pyrolysis" technology, the waste tire processing produces four kinds of products: fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and oil gas. Fuel oil produced by thermal cracking of waste tires If further processed, it can be processed into gasoline, diesel and asphalt. If this technology can be vigorously promoted in the country, not only can effectively deal with waste tires, eliminate pollution, can also ease country's energy crisis to some extent.

Rubber tire pyrolysis flow chart

Rubber tire pyrolysis flow chart

Final product application
Fuel oil (45% -55%) 1. As a fuel sold to cement plants, glass mills, pottery plants, power plants, steel mills, boiler plants and so on.
2. Used for heavy oil generator power generation.
3. Deepen the fuel oil into diesel oil using the North Industries distillation equipment and the decolorization and odor removal equipment. Tire diesel can be used for trucks, tractors and so on.
Carbon black (30% -35%) 1. Made of spherical carbon black, carbon black briquettes for heating and burning.
2. Grind to N220, N330, N550 or N6660 for the tire manufacturing industry.
3. Processing into color masterbatch, sold to the plastics industry.
Steel Wire (10% -15%) 1.Steel Wire (10% -15%) 
2. To provide a higher profit wire treatment program, so that the price of steel up to 460 US dollars per ton.
Combustible gas (8% -10%) 1. Recycle to the furnace, heat the reactor, save your coal / wood / fuel oil / gas.
2. Store the remaining exhaust gas for future heating of the reactor.


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