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Sludge Pyrolysis (Carbonization) Process

The production of sludge is unavoidable in the course of human activities.The large amount of sludge produced by the sewage treatment is usually dumped and discarded arbitrarily, which creates new pollution to the environment.The process uses sludge "low temperature drying - pyrolysis (carbonization) - biological particles" method.

After drying sludge has the following advantages:

1. sludge significantly reduced capacity, the volume can be reduced 4 to 5 times;
2. The formation of particles or powder stable products, sludge traits greatly improved;

3. The product is odorless and free of pathogens, reducing the negative effects of sludge, making the treated sludge more acceptable;

4. The product has a variety of uses, such as fertilizer, soil improver, alternative energy and so on.

After the carbonization of the sludge has the following advantages:

1. After further reduction by carbonization, product quality, large surface area;

2. The heat value of carbonized sludge is higher than that of dry sludge, and it can be used as fuel.

3. Carbonized products harmless, do not produce dioxins and other toxic substances, the negative environmental effects of basic zero;

4. Carbide wide use, can be used for deodorant, soil improver and so on.

Sludge drying - pyrolysis (carbonization) flow chart.png


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