Waste Tire Pyrolysis Production Line

  Waste tire pyrolysis production line
  Waste tire pyrolysis production line composition:
  1, waste tire crushing system (customer matching)
  2, the constant temperature heating system
  3, continuous pyrolysis system
  4, carbon black processing system (customer matching)
  5, can be gas purification system
  6, flue gas purification system
  7, control system
  8, oil purification system (customer matching)
  Waste tire pyrolysis production line Production process:
  First, the waste tire is broken into the rubber block required for pyrolysis, together with the low-temperature sulfur transfer catalyst through the feeder through the thermally air-tight device into the cracker, the atmospheric pyrolysis pyrolysis reaction;
  Second, the cracked oil and gas by the oil separator after fractional cooling, get fuel oil and a small amount of gas (after purification system for personal use);Once again, the solid product obtained after pyrolysis - coarse carbon black and a small amount of steel wire, after magnetic separation, the crude carbon black automatically transported to the carbon black production system, and then by grinding and a series of treatment processes, access to industrial carbon black or other high Value - added chemical products. The treated steel wire is treated as scrap steel;
  Finally, the combustible gas is purified by the purification system as a fuel for the heating system. The heating system adopts the waste heat recycling mode, which greatly saves the energy consumption and reduces the operation cost of the equipment. Production line generated by the flue gas, flue gas purification system after purification standards discharge.
  Waste tire pyrolysis production line Features:1, the use of advanced low-temperature pyrolysis pyrolysis patented process, to achieve the industrial continuous production, fundamentally put an end to environmental protection and security risks.2, patented heating technology and unique thermal dispersion heating process supplemented by low temperature sulfur transfer catalyst so that the material heated evenly, high oil yield, oil and carbon black good quality.3, the production line from the purified gas as a fuel for all the heating system, and the use of waste heat recycling process, high thermal efficiency, reducing operating costs.4, low temperature pyrolysis process to improve the safety performance and equipment life greatly.5, a special flue gas purification system can remove flue gas SOx, NOx and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that emissions indicators to Europe and the United States and other countries standards.6, the entire system using PLC programmable logic control system, the control point can be automatically controlled, with data acquisition, computing, recording, printing reports, alarm and automatic correction and other functions.


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