Waste Tires (hot) Pyrolysis Oil Refining Equipment

  Waste tires (hot) pyrolysis oil refining equipment
  Waste tires (heat) pyrolysis oil refining equipment main components:
  1. crack the main furnace
  2. Dynamic and static sealing system
  3. Power system
  4. Multi-function separator
  5. Straight tube condenser
  6. Oil-water separator
  7. residue tank
  8. Water seal
  9. Waste gas recovery system
  10. Atomization dust removal system
  11. Power distribution cabinet
  12. cool water tower
  13. High temperature oil pump
  14. Oil pump
  15. Water pump
  Waste tires (hot) pyrolysis refining equipment installation features:
  1. The device uses the independent research and development of the company's main pyrolysis furnace, the pyrolysis of the main furnace can be used for waste tires, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste acrylic pyrolysis.
  2. The whole set of equipment used in the production and operation of the company's independent research and development of the multi-function separator, as far as possible to remove the gas carried in the solid particles of impurities and droplets to achieve the purpose of gas and solid liquid separation to ensure the normal operation of pipelines and equipment.
  3. The whole set of production and operation of the company's independent research and development of the dynamic and static sealing system, mainly used for moving equipment and static equipment between the sealed connection, good enough plasticity and high strength, easy maintenance. And due to temperature changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction play a role in compensation, between the moving equipment and static equipment, effectively prevent leakage, play a role in shock absorption.
  4. The production of the whole set of equipment used in the company's independent research and development of self-cleaning condenser, is a different temperature between two or more fluid between the material to achieve heat transfer between the energy-saving equipment is to make heat from the higher The fluid is passed to the lower temperature of the fluid, allowing the fluid temperature to reach the process specified in order to meet the process conditions required by one while also improving the heat utilization rate of one of the main equipment. The condenser cooling effect is good, compact structure, easy to plug, flow resistance is small, easy to clean and so on, to prevent dirt scale in the wall condensation caused by clogging.
  5. The whole system of production and operation of the use of the company's independent research and development of non-condensable gas back to the combustion device, the equipment running in the process of some at room temperature, atmospheric pressure can not liquefied gas, through the exhaust gas back burning system in the main burning bottom, Produce a lot of heat, both to avoid gas pollution, but also save fuel.
  6. The whole set of equipment production process noise ≤ 65 dB, smoke-free.
  7. Flue dust removal system is equipped with two-way water impact cyclone dust chamber, to ensure that the flue outlet emissions to the national s-level emission standards.
  Waste tires (hot) pyrolysis oil refining equipment process:
  First, waste tires and other organic solid waste from the conveyor belt to the silo, from the automatic feeding system to the pyrolysis furnace, rotating the main furnace can be controlled by the control room reversing switch control, adjust the organic raw materials in the main furnace Of the material distribution, the total amount of material control in the total volume of two thirds less, close the feed sealed door, and then open the heating system. When the temperature reaches about 150 ℃, began to produce gas (at this time most of the gas is exhaust), when the temperature reaches about 220 ℃, oil and gas began to enter the multi-function separator, after a multi-function separator will be part of the oil separation, Through the pipeline into the residue tank, the pump into the pyrolysis furnace to continue heating pyrolysis. Oil and gas through the multi-function separator into the cooling system, condensed oil and water through the pipeline into the oil-water separator, oil and water separation measurement. W-type water jet vacuum pump to the buffer tank into a vacuum, under the action of negative pressure without condensate through the cooling system piping into the micro-negative pressure device system, by the vacuum pump into the first and two non-condensable gas seal after the flame retardant Go to the furnace chamber burning.
  Second, the thermal pyrolysis of the flue gas through the flue pipe into the strong atomization dust tower dust precipitation, by the fan into the industrial waste gas purifier, and finally to harmless emissions.
  Once again, waste carbon and other organic solid waste after the pyrolysis of the carbon black from the closed song Ruo stretching hose into the conveyor system to reach the closed silo automatic discharge, and then transferred to the carbon black production workshop. Carbon black after recovery by grinding, activation, granulation, etc. to produce a national standard ECO carbon black, higher added value. The circulating water of the cooling system is supplied by the cooling pool; the water seal, the vacuum pump water tank and the dust tower are supplied by the water pump house. Because the water used is small, the system can be manually controlled. Equipment, water supply and drainage adhere to the principle of circulating water to ensure that self-circulating water, a small amount of evaporated water from the system water supply.


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