Pyrolysis Oil And Oil Purification System

  Pyrolysis oil and oil purification system
  (1) raw material oil and distillation tower side line products after the full heat transfer, into the heating furnace heated to the required temperature. (2) by the heating furnace after heating the raw material into the distillation tower for fractionation, after cooling to get condensable gas ...
  The process description of the cracked oil and oil purification system
  (1) raw material oil and distillation tower side line products after the full heat transfer, into the heating furnace to the required temperature.
  (2) The raw material oil heated by the heating furnace enters the distillation column for fractionation, and after cooling, it is obtained without condensing gas, gasoline fraction, lightwood fractions, heavy diesel fractions and heavy oil products.
  (3) plastic raw materials, high wax content, the heat exchanger to the required temperature, into the fixed bed reactor catalytic catalytic reaction, and then into the distillation column fractionation, the product.
  (4) non-condensable gas as a fuel into the furnace combustion, for the system for personal use.
  (5) the bottom of heavy oil transported to the heavy oil fuel tank, for the heating furnace and steam boiler to provide fuel, the remaining heavy oil according to market demand to reconcile, as fuel oil for sale.
  The composition and main equipment of the oil and oil purification system
  Oil purification device is divided into the following eight systems:
  ① steam boiler system, ② raw oil preheating system, ③ fractionation system, ④ non-condensable gas system, ⑤ cooling water system, ⑥ compression wind system, ⑦ oil reconcile system, ⑧ control system.
  The Characteristics and Advanced Nature of Cracking Oil and Oil Purification System
  (1) can achieve continuous processing of raw material oil, on-line refining and reconciliation, the whole set of processing capacity to maximize the production time to minimize the optimization of product quality at the same time, production efficiency, business efficiency has been significantly improved.
  (2) the top of the tower is not condensable gas as a fuel into the furnace combustion both to reduce air pollution and reduce energy costs.
  (3) fixed bed reactor has three major advantages:
  ① effectively solve the raw material oil in the high content of impurities, so that the rapid deactivation of the catalyst.
  ② can achieve the catalyst recycling, greatly reducing operating costs.
  ③ catalytic pouring process can not only improve the gasoline, light high value-added products yield, but also effectively improve the quality of oil.
  The whole system of cracking oil and oil purification system using PLC programmable logic control system, the control point can be automatically controlled, with data acquisition, computing, recording, printing reports, alarm and automatic correction and other functions, equipment operation more secure and reliable.


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