China Henan Huatai Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Henan Huaxian Industrial Zone. The company covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters and has 280 employees...


The main key of Henan huatai municipal solid waste treatment machinery is vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification technology, using pyrolysis gasification principle to deal with solid waste, ensure the stability and efficiency of combustion condition, under the condition...


High quality service is what we are pursuing. Our service is available all around the world. And our high quality service team is ready to provide you with fast and efficient service from the tailored solutions for competitive production process to.


Dear Sir or Madam:Thank you very much for your attention and support!Maybea you have been our customer,maybe you are chooseing our products,and are going to be our customer.whoever you are,new friend or old friend,and wherever you come from ,huatai machinery is always your best choice.

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--- Chairman form Huatai machinery
Zipeng Yan


Operation System of Incineration Boiler in Domestic Waste Incinerator
In the current state of life, the domestic waste incinerator is no longer a strange term, and everyone is aware of him because of the troubles of garbage disposal. But we are only one-sided understanding of the use of this machine, but its....More
Small Domestic Waste Incinerator
Domestic waste incinerators can also be divided into many types, at the same time, it is also based on the number of garbage and choose. Today, Jiangsu Zhaolui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to bring you the analysis of small....More
Do you know how to buy soap and garbage incineration?
Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. domestic waste incinerator price concessions, and excellent quality, it is because the company has a professional and technical team, look to the future, all of our staff will adhere....More
Domestic waste incinerator: the construction of beautiful new village
Domestic waste incinerator from the incineration system, garbage pretreatment system, gas furnace and smoke biochemical dust removal system composed of four systems. Automatic feeding control, sub-sieving, drying, burning, cleaning, dust re....More

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